Saturday, November 6, 2010

A challange for the boys

I was making boxes to put my cupcakes in and explaining to the guys at work what I was up to. Then the challange was set, I needed a box that you could take a cup cake out of without getting sticky fingers. With two engineers on the job, how could we go wrong. Designs were drawn, templates were made, problems were found so it was back to the drawing board. 4 days later we came up with the perfect design. So off I went and made the cupcakes

It was then cutting, folding, bending, sticking and then the boxes were made

When you open the lid, you slightly pull the front flap down and the cake comes out easily...brilliant design
And here are the IaBish design team, Ian Holden and Andy Bishop with their own little cake boxes (blue for the boys of course)
I wonder what they can come up with next......

It was my brother in laws birthday recently so I made him this card.

and a matching envelope

Today is a day for me, my day to catch up on all the little jobs that I have left behind over the last few hectic weeks and to finalise all the preperations for next weeks Crafty Week once I get back from all my little jobs out and about. I am really looking forward to next week, there is nothing better than sitting down to make a card, when its all been cut out ready for you. I am also finalising all the SU orders that have come in, cutting up designer papers for shares, cutting up ribbons and generally getting on top of everything. Tomorrow is the NEC, well a girl needs a bit of retail therapy now and again.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely weekend what ever you are up to. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you have planned.


Lesley said...

I'm warn out just reading about you busy day x

Helen said...

That box is brilliant! What a clever design!