Monday, November 22, 2010

The start of a new week

I am not counting days the days till santa arrives as I will just panic. Why is it that most of us ladies feel so much pressure over xmas instead of enjoying it? Well this year I am hoping to get everything ready well in advance so that I can enjoy every moment of the festive season.

Yesterday I didnt get ALL the chores done but I did make some more jam and I did go back to the Christmas market with Paul and MIL. I managed to buy a couple of things too.

During my crafty week we have a raffle each evening. I have a large basket containing so many SU bits and pieces including glitters, dazzling diamonds, stamps, glue, crystal effects, ribbons, card stock, papers as well as the little things that are sometimes overlooked when we browse through the catalogue. One of those items are these lovely little cards that are already printed and come with envelopes and little ribbon flowers. I made one of them up to show everyone and they really are a hit.

For those of us in a rush and no time to make a special card these just fit the bill, you only need to stamp a sentiment.

You may have to click on this to get a bigger picture.

If you would like to order these, or anything else out of the SU catalogue, I shall be sending off another order on 28th of the month, just let me know what you want.

Off to start another busy day at the proper job. Looking forward to this evening when I am going to start sorting out my wardrobe.....yikes.

Have a great day x

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Jackie said...

Very pretty card Tracey.
Our day was brilliant thank you :o)
Jackie xx