Saturday, February 5, 2011


I got up yesterday morning to find plants, table and chairs all blown down the side of the house and plonked against the shed wall now I know that it is windy out there but this has never happened before. For the past couple of days the wind has howled all around which I dont mind during the daytime but its a bit spooky at night. On the positive side, the temperature outside has really shot up and its 12 - 13 degrees, spring is on its way.

I struggled to put plants, table and chairs to rights slowly but it felt really creepy outside. I had a feeling of being watched. Okay so the neighbours windows look out onto the side of the house but it still didnt feel right. A little later I went upstairs and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move on the roof of the garage, which is behind my house. Imagine my surprise when I saw two foxes playing. If you click on the photos below to enlarge them you can get a good picture of what I saw.

I watched them for a while and to my horror I saw one of them jump from the garage roof onto my shed roof and walk around. I am now wondering, was there a fox on the shed roof watching me when I was putting the table and chairs straight earlier in the day.....creepy.

I have a few more baby cards to share with you.

And in a bit more detail

I have used lots of SU pinks, greens and blues to make these and the fun fast note set from Stampin' Up!. With 8 stamps in this set it really is good value for money and so versatile. Instead of stamping the whole image with the words underneath the image, I stamped these seperately and then used the word window punch and large lable punch for the sentiment, finishing them off with little hearts which again is a SU punch.

Thanks for having a read this morning. I hope you have a lovely weekend

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PanagiotisChristiana said...

Hey mum ur cards are very cute
love you loads xxxxx