Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid Week Moan

Moan I hear you say, yep a moan, sometimes its good for the soul. I am moaning about my knee, it is swollen, painful and I just cant get comfy with it. I went to the docs and he is referring me to the hospital, there is a lot of fluid behind the knee which is a concern to him. The system for referrals has changed. The doctor no longer sends a letter to the hospital which results in you getting an appointment, oh no. The new system is the dr faxes the hospital, okay so thats quicker. You then get a telephone call from the hospital about your appointment which means that you have to stay at home to get the call. In my case that's fine because I cant go out if I wanted to but I just think its a strange, no letters?? I think its called progression or something similar....moan over.

MIL is doing really well with her broken wrist. She has been back to the hospital and had it all set. She told us that it took 4 doctors/male nurses to get it right but she didnt mind cause they were all dishy (MIL is in her 80's). I will see her this evening as Paul is going to pick her up and bring her home for a couple of hours.

I cant do much crafting at the moment because I cant sit down for very long, I have to keep walking around, then sit for few mins and then rest my leg on the settee which all gets a bit tedious but hay, I want to get the problem sorted out and get rid of the pain so I will do as I am told. I am off work for a couple of weeks so at least I will get some pottering done. The major problem for me is that once I go to bed I sleep for a few hours and wake up in pain. I know it's because my knee has been in one position for so long it hurts so I get up, come downstairs and have a drink and a walk around. I am up for a couple of hours and then go back to bed. It also means I need a nap in the afternoon too. But its so strange being up in the middle of the night.

I thought I would share this card with you, it was made a few weeks ago, clean and simple.

I am sorting out lots of cards that I havent shared with you before.

Thanks for having a read and listening to my moans, have a lovely day


Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, sorry to hear you are still in pain with that knee, I hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment!
I love the card :o)
Jackie xx

Karen said...

gorjus card Tracey. Sorry your knee is very poorly.

Love Karen x

Sue said...

Lovely card Tracey so sorry you have problems with your knee lets hope you get an appointment realy soon looking forward to Monday Luv Sue x