Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ending the weekend with another oopss

The good news is that MIL is doing fine. Thank you for all your good wishes. We have spent a lot of time with her this weekend and she is coping so well. Struggling with the toothpaste top and brushing teeth and a few other bits and pieces but she is so brave. Its off to the hospital tomorrow to have a proper plaster put on her wrist.
Last night I had an ooppss. I went to rest my knee on the table (no not the kitchen table, the low coffee table) and click yikes I screamed. I dont know what I have done to my knee but it swelled up immediately and is so painful. Didnt get much sleep and then tonight, it just gave way completely when I was walking, I fell over. ooopps. I am going to see if I can get in to the docs first thing in the morning as I really dont want to have caused any damage to it, yes it is the knee that I hurt during the my injury last year at work. Fingers crossed that I can get it sorted.

Some more good news, Christiana has access to the internet from Panayiotis's telephone so she can read my blog, fantastic. So for Christiana, and any other beginners that my be reading this, here is how I made the baby cards.
First of all cut and score all your card bases

Cut all your layered pieces (pink and white)
Type your sentiment onto the white layer (dont stick them together just yet). These will be the front of your cards
Cut out all your layered pieces for the inserts.
Type the verse and then adhere these together
Stamp out the clothes with black ink on scrap white card
Colour in the clothes
Stamp out the clothes again on your card front
Draw the clothes line in pencil and when you are happy with it, go over the pencil lines with a dark brown marker
Go around all the clothes with a gray pen or use a paintbrush and some watercolour pencils
Stick the card layer with the clothes on to the pink layer and then stick this to your card front
Stick the verse insert inside your card
Cut out all the baby clothes that you coloured in
Put 3d foam pads onto the back of the clothes
Attach these cut out clothes to the front of your card


I am sorry that this is such a long winded and step by step instruction post but I hope that Christiana will understand it all.

Thanks for having a read.


Helen said...

Yikes! Hope your knee is better soon and you're not in a lot of pain this morning. Great tutorial by the way.

Jackie said...

Ouch, I felt that for you Tracey. I hope you get into the doctors this morning okay!
Thank you for the tutorial :o)
Jackie xx