Friday, January 14, 2011

Cant do it all

okay, I admit it, I cant do it all. Since I have been told I cant work 4 days a week (I have to work 5) I must cut down on some of the stuff that I do and organise...sad but I need a bit of sanity. Plus I have a wedding to organise as well, yes yes yes I am getting married, what do you mean it's about time.
So, first of all my Wednesday crafty nights have to get the chop. I love these evenings but 5 a week takes it toll, I am so so sorry about this but there are still lots of chances of booking onto the other 4 nights. All the details about the crafty week are on the right hand side of my blog. It gets updated regularly so you can see if there is a space available. The only thing I ask is that you pay in advance to secure your place.
The other thing to go is housework, I can see everyone agreeing with this. Ironing I dont mind doing so I shall continue, for now, but the other stuff, neah, I will get someone in to do it weekly rather than fortnightly and to be honest, she does a better job of it than I do. I cant cut down on the cooking as I am really lucky as Paul does most of it. The shopping I have already stopped doing on a weekly basis, no more supermarkets for me. I just nip locally and get what I need when I need it, so its a good start isnt it. Then there is the blog, only going to be updated 2 or 3 times a week (yes I know that may be more than its being updated at the moment) but I plan to get ahead with it all.

So there you have it, my news for a friday evening. Everything is all ready for my last crafting class of the week and I have had such a wonderful week.

Here are a few photos that Lesley took at the SU party last weekend

Thanks for having a read. Have a wonderful weekend


Handcrafted With Love said...

Congratulations Tracey & Paul .... When's the wedding going to be? NO wonder some things have to go Tracey - you'll be meeting yourself coming back soon!
Take care and don't forget to keep us updated.

Love Pam xx

Jackie said...

Getting married, where? when?
Congratulations to you and Paul :o)
Jackie xx

Sue said...

Hi tracey congratulations sorry i did not realise that it was you getting maried how silly of me i hope you will be very happy Luv Sue x

Helen said...

Congratulations, Tracey and Paul! What exciting news!!!