Sunday, January 23, 2011

Me and Mr Internet have had a fallout

oh yes, a big fallout in the Rossos household. When you pay for something, you expect to receive it, when you rely on something always being there, your whole world turns upside down when it has gone and that is what is happening with my current internet provider. I only have internet for a few minutes and then puff.....gone. I have to turn off the computer, go to the main electrical switchboard, turn the switch off, count to 20, turn it on and keep my fingers crossed that the internet is back which, if it isnt, I have to start switching everything off all over again which is very frustrating. Paul has called Virgin who have fobbed him off and so we have to purchase something else from them (its a conspiracy). But on the plus side I cant tell you how much other stuff I am doing instead of sitting at the computer, well I can but its a big list of household chores.

Big apologies for no photos, no blog updates and if you have had an email from me, you are lucky. Hopefully things will get sorted soon so please, just be patient with me. If you do need some information about Stampin Up, Derby Dabblers or a question answering, my number is 01332 721877, please feel free to give me a call.

YEAH its Sunday and there is a lot happening in the craft room today (hopefully), after 6 hours of ironing yesterday and doing all my chores, my treat is to craft, craft and craft once I have cleaned it all up that is. You really cant walk in there at the moment so I looking forward to a good clean up and finishing off lots of cards. Am I the only one who makes such a mess when I am crafting? I would love to see your workspace after you have made a card or two.

Here is another card that I made using the musical note wheel. We shall be using a wheel on the next crafty night so if you fancy coming along to see what they are all about, just book your space, there are two left on Friday 11th February.

Hopefully this will post, fingers crossed

Have a lovely Sunday

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I feel for you, it might be terrible but I agree that there are also a lot of things you can do even when you're not in front of your computer. However, if you transact a lot of business over the net, then it will be a big loss. I sure hope you'd be able to get online sooner.