Saturday, January 1, 2011

LOOK OUT 2011 - Happy New Year to everyone who pops by for a read

Who is popping in for a read today? Please do leave a comment so that I know you have been and I can come visit your blog too. Did everyone have a lovely time last night? Were you awake to see out the old and bring in the new? We went to my sisters house for a curry and a game of cards. I love playing cards and its the first and last time for 2010.

I thought I would share some lovely little surprises that were waiting for me this morning...this was outside, covered in rain and just poking through the leaves. When I saw it I thought of my friend Jackie who once told me to take time to smell the flowers....she was right, so Jackie, these photos were taken with you in mind (I just wish I was as good a photographer as you are)

I have never seen carnations appear so early in the year, not too sure if they will survive but I just had to capture them. Then surprise surprise, the plant I was throwing away last year until Lesley told me not to decided to open up this morning, my little orchid

These were taken just a few days ago

and just look at these beauties

It has to be a good sign for the new year

I have been asked about new year resolutions, I can name hundreds but will I stick to them, nope I dont think so but I will do something a little different for 2011.

After all the shopping I have done with Katerina and Andis I have decided that unless I need it, I am not going to buy it. Yes really, honestly, truthfully (who am I trying to convince, you or me?). For such a long time now I hate doing the supermarket shop so I am going to try and use all the local little shops every couple of days rather than buying for whole week. I am sure that I can manage that. Clothes I dont need, just a revamp of the wardrobe and a major clearout. Crafting items I have in abundance so its a case of using them all up. I am not sure how long this can last but I am going to give it my best shot and who knows, I may be able to save some money as well.
Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on how I get on. Have a lovely day and I cant wait to read your comments
Tracey x


Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey and A Happy, Healthy and peaceful New Year to you :o)
No, I didn't enjoy it at all, I was in bed by 10pm coughing and sneezing my way through the night :o(
Lovely photographs. It's my view that a camera makes you look at things with new eyes :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Hope the cold doesn't damage them

My own orchid is about to flower again too

best wishes

Lesley x

chris said...

Happy new year Tracy, I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw this popping through, its not as if its been mild. off to check out mine !
happy new year tracy. hugs chris xx

Karen said...


Love Karen x