Sunday, January 2, 2011

TV for sale and some pretty 'In Colour' cards

Day one of the New Year didnt go quite as planned. The cough that I have had all week has now turned decided to turn into full blown cold/flu, I managed just 4 hours sleep New Years Eve and 5 hours last night as my nose is constantly running. I will be eternally grateful if anyone has a cure to stop a runny nose (apart from chopping it off) . I ached all over all day and was a right cow, snappy, tearful (which made my nose run more) and couldnt do anything right. On a plus side, everywhere I went got dettolled down due to all the sneezing, my hands are pure white, due to the excessive washing of them and my house has stayed clean as I have been stuck in one room (guess which one) and couldnt make a mess anywhere else.

To keep out my way, which is what is best when I am like this, Paul decided to take down the TV in our bedroom and replace it with the one that was in the living room before Christmas. A TV in the bedroom I hear some of you say well yes, this has been an indulgence of ours for quite a while, I love nothing more than going to bed early with a cuppa and watching telly for half an hour before I go to sleep, Paul on the otherhand loves to wake up and watch the news while he has his cuppa in a morning (now you all know that I take Paul a cup of tea most mornings, well he does deserve it).

That now leaves us with a 20" television, a freeview box and a television mount to sell. If anyone would like these for the sum of £20 and you can collect it, it's yours......

The said TV and stand that is looking for a new home

I promise to stay out of the way so I dont pass on the lurgy ,oh you will have to excuse the smell of dettol, as Paul tells me it smells quite strongly......I wouldnt know.

I did manage to make a couple of cards whilst I was holed up in the one room using the pocket silhoutte stamp set and the 'in colours'
We shall be using Pocket Silhouttes next weekend at my Stampin' Up! parties. There are still plenty of places left if you fancy a couple of hours of crafting.

Today I intended on staying in and staying warm, taking all my tablets and cough syrup and trying not to be such a cow. I have been persuaded to go out this evening to bingo with sis as she says it will do me good to get out, we shall see. I hope that anyone else that has this awful flu gets well soon, I hear that there are lots and lots of people with it.
Thanks for taking the time to have a read.

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Lesley said...

just love this stamp set - great cards Lesley x