Monday, May 23, 2011

A wet and soggy Monday

Its so hard to believe that the weather has changed so suddenly and become cold, wet and windy. It is so gusty at the side of my house that I have had to bring in my new is so beautiful and so tall that I didnt want it to get damaged. Well the weekend flew by again didn't it? Was I the only one who didnt get everything done that I had intended to do? Not all the wedding invites got posted, the washing didnt get done and nor did all the cleaning but hay, it doesnt matter, I can always get the little chores done today or tomorrow.

I promised you some pictures of all the handmade cards I got for my birthday, so here they are

I cant tell you how lucky I feel to have so many wonderful friends so once again, a big thank you.
Today will see me not only catching up with the little chores but also trying to sort out my craft room and put everything in its place, having a coffee with visitors that I am expecting and hopefully a nap in the afternoon.

Thanks for having a quick read today and hoping you have a fantastic Monday.

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey. What a lot of beautiful cards you received. At least the sun is shining today so far :o)
Jackie xx