Friday, May 27, 2011

Win some free stamps

Good morning, well I am hoping that today is going to be a little better than yesterday, in fact it has to be. I woke up yesterday after a well earned lie in, half made a cuppa and went to switch on computer, my usual routine. Umm a blank screen on the computer, I tried everything but nope, it didnt want to play, ok then back to my cup of tea by which time had stewed, so I started again and made a fresh cup. Picked up my phone to send a text, dead. Saw a lovely bird outside, grabbed the camera, dead. So I plugged phone and camera in to charge whilst I went for shower, I cant repeat what I was saying to myself as I walked upstairs to the bathroom. Had a shower, went to brush my teeth with electric toothbrush and guess what, yep, it was dead.

Finally got sorted, got in the car and went to visit a lady 30 minutes away, the rain was awful, the traffic was slow and when I got there, she wasnt home ohh noo. Started to come home and sat nav only goes and dies on me in the middle of nowhere, ok, I can see your smiles. Eventually got back into Derby after going around a lovely housing estate with ramps, twice, but it was an experience. What else could go wrong? Well I went to pay for something later in the day, put my hand in my handbag and it came out black???? A new pen, with a lid on had leaked all in my handbag, not only onto the things I had in my bag but the bag was a cream canvas one, fairly new and it had soaked all the way through yaks.

I was glad to get home and put my feet up I can tell you, the rest of the day went okay so fingers crossed that nothing untowards happens today. Paul, bless him, spent the evening removing my computer from the study and installing the old one that he had for his music which I am so grateful for because at least I have a computer again. Unfortunately I have no bookmarks, no history and a clean canvas to work on, as I said, today has to be a good day.

Do you want to enter a competion to win FREE STAMPS...of course you do, it would be silly not to. Just click on the link HERE and fill out the form, what have you got to loose?

Thanks for having a really long read this morning and I hope your day is a lovely one. I shall be hiding away in my craft room today, out of harms way.

No photographs to share with you today I am afraid as I still need to get some programmes added to my computer.


Jackie said...

Oh dear Tracey, sounds like a day from hell! it all happened yesterday so today should be fine :o)
Jackie xx

Sue said...

My Tracey what a day i think i would have just gone back to bed har har hope things haveimproved for you take care Luv Sue x