Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's News

Yesterday I held my crafting event. I hired a hall, I baked, I made lots and lots of cards (as did quite few other people) and sent invites out. WOW is all I can say as it was an amazing afternoon, was it really only 5 hours long? I have been getting ready for it for weeks lols.

First of all there was the baking. I have spent hours trying out the receipes, thanks to Maria. In the end I made
2 chocolate orange cakes

3 Coconut with cherries

2 St. Clementines
Plus cupcakes, which I havent managed to photograph the few that were left.

Then the cards, there were lots and lots and lots of them, so here are a few photos as I dont want to bore you

I will put more photographs up during the week.

Without the help of Anne, Sandra, Sue, Lynne, Elvie, Margaret, Jayne and mum, it wouldnt have been able to go ahead. I didnt manage to get photos of everyone but, I did get the 3 wise monkeys (Mum, Jayne and Lynn).

It was wonderful to see everyone that I havent seen for ages, to hear the chatter and the laughter, to watch everyones face as nearly everyone was smiling, all the time.

And then there was the chicks,

A bit of a close up

I made quite a few of these up and I have to make a few more too. I thought that they were so cute. I have been asked to show a few people how to make these so I will do it over the next week or so, certainly in time for Easter.

So today I shall start to put things away, which will take me the week but hay, thats fine. There is still quite a bit of cake left so, if you would like to visit and take a box or two upstairs to put away, just give me a call.
Thanks for reading such a long post and I hope you have a wonderful day


Jackie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all Tracey, lovely cakes and cards :o)
Jackie xx

Maria♥ said...

The cakes turned out lovely :)