Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A quiet day

Good morning and phew, its a bit warm out there.  10 degrees at 5am, that is a big difference from the past few days.

And what a wonderful past few days it has been.  The girls arrived, the whole house turned into a teenages bedroom, there were clothes everywhere, the washer on constantly, laughter and chatter was non stop.  But now it is empty and quiet.  Unfortunately the girls left in a whirlwind first thing this morning, earlier than expected and now they are on their way to the airport.  I think I will need a month to get over it all......but how wonderful it has been.  My little girls have grown up.

Absolutely nothing has happened on the crafty side of things.....really, nothing but this afternoon I hope to get things back on track.

Tomorrow there is a christmas card and chatter get together, the last for this year and something I am really looking forward to. If you fancy joining me and other likeminded crafters please do get in touch, you will be made to feel more than welcome.

Here are some gingerbread folk I made a couple of weeks ago.  I have typed recipients name onto vanilla card and just stuck it inside the pockets.
It is a big sizzix die and I created the dress and waistcoat from a little trial and error.  Once I was happy with the dress and waistcoat I made myself a little template, so that I dont have to do it all again. It was something Pam and I saw on one of our days out and I just knew that I had to make some.

Well I have some cleaning to do today and I need to cheer myself up a bit so it off to make another cuppa and start.......Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday x

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