Sunday, December 11, 2016

Full of cold

Good morning, not up quite so early today.  6 degrees outside and it is forecast to be a damp day.

I was in bed before 10pm last night with Vicks rubbed onto my back and my chest, a hot cup of tea and a packet of tissues.  I have a cold and I always feel worse at night, drat.  I do hope I can get rid of it before Thursday as I go for my injection training.  Yes, I have 2 sessions of training on how to inject myself and if I have a cold, I dont know if they will do it.  It is only a cold as I have had the flu injection.....

Yesterday Paul took me to Nottingham for a wander and to do a bit of shopping.  Oh my, we were pushed, pulled and knocked for six.  I think the whole of Nottingham must have been out too.  We only managed a couple of shops due to the amount of people around but it was nice.

Today I am finishing off family Christmas cards and making a few birthday cards as some special people have birthdays this week.  Paul and I will cook a Sunday lunch between us and then hopefully, later in the day, I can get up some Christmas decorations, depending on how I feel.

Here are a some more of the Christmas cards I have made this year.

Starting the cards in January really is a great idea and, if you wish to come along to make your own, you are more than welcome.

Thanks for having a read, wishing you a wonderful Sunday x

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Buffy said...

Those cards are adorable Tracey. I hope you feel better soon.

Buffy xx