Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day

Good morning and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. 

I had a couple of days off from the blog as a gal cant do it all.  I managed to make the last of the tags, wrap the last of the presents and then make Paul's card so I did well.
Yesterday was amazing and goodness, I was really spoilt by family and friends.  To start the day I overslept *giggles*, how could I do that.  Cyprus is 2 hours in front and the girls were waiting for me to get up to face time them.  Christiana sent me so many stickers on facebook which made *ping* *ping* noises to wake me.....guess she was excited.

This was our tree when Santa had visited, wonderful. 

I had too many presents to list but thank you to every single person for all your gifts, they are so special to me as I know that I have so many amazing friends.  Personal messages being sent today.

This was my secret santa gift THANK YOU.

I wore one pair of the socks yesterday goodness, they are so soft.  Chocolate orange will go bit by bit over the next week or so, naughty but nice.

Today, as mum hasnt been too well and she has invited ALL the family for tea,  we are going to do a buffet tea here.  It will be a couple of hours of family time again and guess what is coming out....the racing elves and the photo frames.  I shall share the photos with you tomorrow.

I am off to sainsburys soon so I had best get showered and dressed.  I really do hope that you had a great day yesterday and, if you get time, leave me a comment to tell me what you did.  I would love to read them.  Thanks for nipping in today and have a smashing day x

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