Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Card

Good morning, it is going to be around 10 degrees today the weather man says but to be honest, it is so foggy outside at the moment it is spooky.  Oh, we are in for some showers too.

I am still sniffling and still using Vicks.  As well as all the usual medication, I have added Paracetamol to the mix too, fighting this cold like a trooper.  I was up at 5am in need of tea so I may have to have a little snooze this afternoon.

Yesterday came and went in a flash.  No sooner had I got up and sorted and had a wonderful hour with Anna, it was time for lunch.  The afternoon was spent in the craft room and what a mess I made, well sometimes you just have to.  So today I shall get that put straight.

Here is another little Christmas card that I rescued. 

I only have Paul's Christmas card to make now and a week to do it in so that should be fine.  He tells me he is breaking up from work on Friday whoop whoop.  Hopefully we will be able to get the decorations up a little earlier this year.

Right, off to make MORE tea and to take the medication....thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day x

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