Thursday, May 11, 2017

Berry Burst Crafting Forever

Good morning and again, the sunshine is out bright and early.  I do know that not everyone likes this weather but I do whoop whoop.

Yesterdays hospital visit went well for mum - ALL CLEAR.  I cried so much.  There were just so many emotions all within a short timeframe from finding the tumor to getting these results were so quick.  Thank goodness for the NHS.

My hospital appointment also went well, my consultant is mad.  Really, she is a lunatic but so good.  I have discovered that she doesnt just think about things, she says exactly what she is thinking so I dont know if she is talking to me.....or talking to herself. I really was giggling in there but we have agreed, (yes WE) that I shall increase my weekly dose a little bit and then, if I can tolerate it, we shall increase it again in 8 - 10 weeks.  Bless her, she has already made me an appointment to have a steroid jab in 8 weeks as she doesnt want me to suffer at all. 

Last night Paul took me out for an early birthday tea.  He has gone away today so he wont be here to celebrate my day on Sunday but as the weather is going to be good, today I am going to hose down all the tables and chairs so that we can sit outside for the day and just chill.  We hope to nip out for a bit of lunch but afternoon tea and cakes will be in order.  If you are in the area and fancy a cuppa and a cake please, do feel free to pop in. 

Here are some cards made recently for my friends that had Stampin' Up! purchases

It is a sneak peak too of a new stamp set called Crafting Forever and a Berry nice new In Colour, Berry Burst.

If you would like a new Stampin' Up! brochure do let me know as you are most welcome to pop in and collect one.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely day.

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