Monday, May 15, 2017

Thank Yous

Good afternoon.  It is a bit damp and soggy today but that is fine as it is watering the lawn and all the plants which means I dont have to do it later in the day.

I have a problem with Mr. Blogger. I am trying to sort it out but it may mean that I have to start a new blog, yikes.  But while I can use this blog on the large computer I shall do.  It seems that technology has moved on, we have new telephones, new ipads and the blog has been up and running for 10 years and things are just not compatible.

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day.  We went retail therapy in the morning, out for lunch and then lots of wonderful visitors.

Thank you so much for the cards, presents and wishes, I was made to feel very special and it is really appreciated.

Today I got up and the sniffles I had yesterday have turned into a full blown cold, oh oh.  That has an impact of my weekly injections but I am sure it can be sorted out.  Off to the GPs again today although there systems are still "down" I am told.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday and thanks for having a read x

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Lesley said...

glad you had a lovely birthday - Lesley :)