Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy birthday dad

Good morning and it is already 16 degrees.  It is going to be another warm one, nearly as warm as where I will be later tonight *wink*

Yesterday was a whirl again but on a really positive note, I turned up 3 pairs of trousers on my sewing machine. For those that dont know, I started sewing lessons last year but had to stop because of the pains in my hands and arms and so the machine hasnt been out. To turn up these trousers was a major event for me and I am hoping this is a sign that things may be returning to normal.

It was dads birthday last week and here is the card I made.

If anyone is passing and you have a few minutes to spare please feel free to pop in, turn on the hosepipe and give the plants and lawn a drink. There is nothing in the greenhouse as we planted everything up. The housepipe has an extension on it so reaches all the way through to the front. We have even put a new hose head on so the water doesnt dribble all down your arm, i do hate that.  You are most welcome to walk over the lawn in bare feet to cool down *smile*.

Thanks for having a read, have a lovely day x

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