Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 more sleeps to go

Brrrr, I am sat here shivering whilst having my morning cuppa. I dont know why but the heating didnt come on today, another little job to look at later. I do seem to have a rather large list of "little jobs" to get through before I go back to work in the New Year.

Here are the cards I promised to put on yesterday but time ran away with me. These are all very special to me, the first handmade cards that I have received from Cyprus for Christmas from my daughters.

And here is another

Didnt Christiana do well?
They gave me tears in my eyes as Christmas Day will not be the same without the girls here.

Got a lot planned for today, posting cards by hand, meeting up with friends that I used to work with as well as the fat club and a bit of food shopping. I will try my best not to fall over, before and after the pub. All the pavements here are still covered in snow and ice.

Have a great day and thanks for your comments, which I love to read


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Lesley said...

beautiful cards from the girls - although they are not here for Christmas this year I'm sure they will come next year.You are always in the Pub Tracey lol -hope you had a great day -lesley x