Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa has been and gone

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging the last few days. The house was so quiet at Christmas that I just wanted to spend a lot of time out the house around noisy people and doing lots of different things. Without the girls here, Christmas isnt Christmas. I am so pleased to say that they have told me that they will be here next year *jumping up in the air and waving my arms*

Well Santa came and I must have been a very good girl as I got lots and lots including, a watch, books, scribble pads, rubber stamps, crafting tools, chocolates, a light studio box, cds, perfume, pjs, tins, etc. etc. etc. We had lunch at my sisters on Christmas Day and spent the day with her and the family. Boxing day was spent with Paul's mum at home. I had a baking order, just my cup cakes for a wedding tomorrow. I made 36 of them and whilst the last 12 were in the oven, they didnt cook. Nope, 18 minutes after I put them in they were still all cake mixture. Yikes, my oven broke. Horror. Fortunately, the order was for 24 cakes so at least they were cooked, the other 12 were for mums Boxing Day tea. The ones in the oven were what I was hoping my crafting friends could have if they visited this week, I guess it will have to be chocolate log or Christmas cake or one of the tins of biscuits instead. Last night we went to mums, again there were lots of the family there, making plenty of noise. We watch Ant and Decs party and I loved it.

I dont want to bore you with such a long post so I will tell you all about today, tomorrow.

Thought I would share this card with you as it doesnt seem right to post on the blog without a picture of a card. I made it a few weeks ago with Gina and I was considering replicating it for Christmas cards. I ran out of time so I may use it in a few years.

Hope you have had a nice Christmas, let me know what you were up to


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Karen said...

Stunning cards Mrs ! Glad you had a good Christmas and Santa was kind. Hope to see you soon.

Love Karen x