Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch Up Day

For some reason I was up at silly o'clock again today, only having 4 hours sleep. I will need a nap later.

The wedding yesterday was lovely and Claire (Paul's cousin) looked beautiful. I was asked to make some little cupcakes as I mentioned in my previous post, for the wedding. How strange it was watching everyone eating my cakes, getting covered in glitter and hearing their comments. One man ate two and went back for more and was quite disgruntled to discover that they had all gone. It made my day. I promised yesterday to post a picture of the card I made, I only just remembered to photograph it before it was put in the envelope.
Today is our catch up day. Since we broke up for the Christmas holidays we have spent most days out and about as the house has been so quiet without the girls here. Today we have decided to stay home and catch up with those little jobs and hopefully I can get in my craft room this afternoon to finish off my January birthday cards.

Thanks for having a read today and I look forward to 'catching up' with your comments, over coffee, this afternoon. Have a great day, whatever you are up to....what are you up to today?

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Lesley said...

glad you had a good time and all enjoyed your cup cakes - 3rd's he must have enjoyed them!!! Lesley x