Monday, December 28, 2009

Wedding Bells

I hope that the details about the Sale a bration stay at the top of my blog, its always nerve racking when you do something new, well it is for me.

Yesterday we spent the day at Ikea as I was looking for storage solutions for my craft room. I think the best thing is to have yet another sort out and be harsh but I cant... how can I 'get rid' of my border stencils, or the punches that get used once or twice a year, or say goodbye to 100's of pieces of ribbon that I just may use sometime in the future? So I emptied the boot (how did all those things end up in the boot of my car) picked up mother in law and we trundled through the roadworks on the MI, through the pouring rain and joined the queue to park the car. The car park attendant wanted us to park miles away and MIL cant walk too fast. I was getting a bit concerned about how to get her nearer to the door and this voice from the back said "I have a disabled badge, would that help park a little closer" ohhh heaven. We went against the car park attendant, turned the way he told us not to go and there was this one disabled parking space, right outside the door. I was lucky enough to get two tall drawer units as well as other bits and pieces, well you just have to dont you.

Once we came home and had a cuppa, off I went to bingo leaving Paul to do his 'Jim'll fix it' impression and I returned to one of the units all made up. Fortunately, I had a little win at bingo too (thanks mum), so the units got paid for.

Today we are off to a wedding. I am still in the middle of making the card *note to oneself about adding being more organised to New Year Resolution list*. As soon as I have finished it I will put a picture on the blog, of the card that is, not my list.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a great start to the last week of 2009.


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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey :o)
Happy New Year to you. I cannot believe how quickly the holiday has gone! It's back to work today :o(
Hopefully I will see you at the first Derby Dabblers session of the year in February. Enjoy the wedding :o)
Jackie xx