Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nearly ready for santa

As I am sure you will know, life has been hectic getting ready for Santa's visit. I don't know why it gets harder each year and takes longer but it does.

The majority of the Christmas presents are wrapped, the cards are just about done, the letters have been written and sent. Just got presents for 2 people to buy, a few bits for Paul to wrap and to hand out cards at the weekend. Decorations are coming out of the loft tonight so will make a start putting them up over the next couple of nights. Then I will be ready, phew.

The postman has been busy delivering cards to me and the UPS man has been dropping off parcels from Stampin Up daily but I think that I have received everything now. I just need to get it out to all my crafting friends so if you are reading this, please get in touch.

I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful cards I have received so far.

this is from Liz and a close up

this one's from Pam

I got this from Jackie

P.Ann sent this cutie

And finally for today, this is from Valli

I will photograph the cards that have come today and post them tomorrow.

It was my friends birthday yesterday, Pam and here is the card I made her

This card was one from the workshop that I did on Monday night. I cased it from Elizabeth who has some fantastic cards and inspiration on her blog. Well worth having a cuppa and a look through her stunning projects.

The other card I think was a bit too fiddly but, you have to learn as you go along and I promise not to have fiddly cards at the workshop in future lol. I believe that I have shown it on here before.

Hope I havent bored you with lots of pictures and rattling on. Thanks for stopping to have a read and a look. I will be back tomorrow with more to share with you.



Elizabeth said...

Ahh - Tracey - thanks for the link and you are welcome to case me any time! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Lesley said...

You've had a lovely selection of cards from fellow crafter - have a happy christmas - Lesley x