Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesdays Twitterings

Goodness it's Tuesday already...the days are flying by. Here are a couple of cards that I made with Sophia on Sunday..... well she coloured in actually as that is all she likes to do. She loves copics and I think she wants me to leave mine "cough" umm not this time though.

A Cypriot tradition is to break eggs on Saturday night after church but we were all so tired that we saved this until Sunday. The eggs have all been dyed and some people decorate theirs even more with pictures. Here are the photos of us breaking our eggs, which is a competion, and just look at that sunshine.

Sophia wataching David and Paul
Katerina and Sophia
Christiana watching mummy and Katerina

Katerina and Christiana
Panayiotis and Sophia


This is Millie, Christianas pug. She is just a year old and she came for a visit yesterday


Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your updates, and it does look like you are having a great time with the girls.
Love those cards too, really nice.
Karen McB

anndees said...

I am so pleased you are having a good time, Did the girls like their pressies? The cakes look sooo yummy I so wish that I could have tasted them all....
Anne x