Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All sorts

It's the big day on Friday, Robert and Natalie's wedding. The dress, jewellery, shoes, bag and fasinator are all purchased and ready to wear. The spray tan has been tried and passed and all the preperations are ready (apart from the wedding card of course, that has to be last minute). So last night it was time to colour my hair, ready for the chopping of it on Thursday. I used the same brand of hair colour, because I am worth it, I used exactly the same colour but I fancied trying the pump action one rather than the one that always runs in my eyes.....MISTAKE. My hair is now a lovely shade of dark brown and a hint of ginger lol. Why am I not worried? because my hairdresser in shining amour is coming round tomorrow to put blond highlights in it....and lots of them. Tonight I went for spray tan again, just hope that when I wash off the excess tomorrow that the colour is the same as last time, all because I dont want to wear tights.....

Well another day done at work, just got to get all my putting away done tonight so I dont have to do it tomorrow night. I break up tomorrow afternoon and have an action packed weekend in store. I would normally say I will be glad to get back to work on Monday but on this occasion I wont, as I dont want to go back to work....another story.

Friday, as I mentioned is THE wedding, Saturday morning we have the Christmas Card Club at St. Martins Church and then on Sunday its the NEC.....who is a lucky girl and who will be shattered sunday night.

Some time ago Monica showed us how to make these lovely little files......

I was so impressed with them that at the last Derby Dabblers I demonstrated how to make them, here are some more samples.

Thanks for having a read and I hope your weekend is as hectic as mine. Have a lovely weekend, what ever you are up to and please, keep your fingers crossed for good weather for Friday.


Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, sounds like a very busy long weekend!
These little files are lovely, even though I didn't make one :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

Have a great weekend and a wondeful time at Robert and Natalie's wedding I'm sure you will look stunning in your outfit - I love facinators!!! best wishes Lesley x

ps love your makes!!! x

Paula said...

Hi Tracey, goodness me you are up to your eyes in it aren't you! Have a fab weekend and I bet your hair will look lovely with the blonde hightlights running through it - a happy accident as they say! Did you know you have people perusing your sight from Iceland! Isn't the internet an amazing thing! Love Paula xxxxxxx