Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday morning Tah Dah

Sat in the new office he he.  It is a bit strange sat here but that isnt a complaint.  I have to get a few bits and pieces sorted to keep the desk as clear as possible.  Paul has managed to put a few of his books up on the shelf and yesterday we emptied another 4 boxes, which is great.

Sunday was a typical Sunday with the added bit excitement with this

Paul saw it on Saturday and decided to purchase it to have with Sunday lunch.  It is a Romanesco which is a vegetable in between broccoli and cauliflower.  I hate broccoli and I love cauliflower so Iw was very cautious and  you know what, it was beautiful.  So much so that with our Shepheards Pie tonight, we are eating it again.

I think it is coming up to TAH DAH season again so we will start it off with a couple of tah dahs this week.  Here is TAH DAH No. 1.

Isnt it wonderful.  Jane made this and I greatly received it.  I havent seen anything so stunning for quite a while and I cant wait to have a go making a few myself.  Alison, who saw this on Friday night has already been and had a go making one herself (hope to get a photo?).

Just one place left on tomorrows crafty night if you fancy coming along?  Just let me know.

Well I had best go and grab breakfast before going to work.  The traffic wont be so bad as the children are off school so I shall leave a few minutes later today.

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