Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Home Card

Yesterday just flew by doing lots of chores and catching up with some little bits and bobs that needed doing.

My friend has recently moved and here is the card that I have made and sent to her.

I managed to paint the wood for the bookcase twice but I think it need another coat, so will do that tomorrow.  I also swept around the outside of the house, all the way round and pulled out weeds or sprayed them to kill them, I knew there were a lot but I didnt realise that there were THAT many.  Fingers crossed that the spray works and I can just pull them out in a couple of days.

A few photos from the garden

I started to clean crafty space after Friday nights get together but, I got distracted, as you do.  I made the curvey keepsake box ready for Crafty week and I made the first of the little treats for everyone for crafty week.  I just have to get the cards organised, which will happen tomorrow afternoon/evening.
Do you fancy crafting next Friday night for a couple of hours? If you do, it will be lovely to see you.  Just get in touch and book your seat.

Off to Doncaster today and really looking forward to a day out.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely day x

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Lesley said...

lovely sentiment on this card - you and Paul have been bus over the weekend - glad your getting their slowly - really looking forward to this w/e at SS - best wishes Lesley x