Saturday, October 17, 2015

Smashing Saturday

Good morning from a rather chilly Derby.  As I am going to be mrs mopp today I dont mind that it is going to be a cloudy day with a temperature of 13 degrees, real feel 10.  I can tell you in about an hour it is going to be real feel of about 30.

Yesterday I really had that Friday feeling which was topped off with a smashing crafting evening.
 Here are are some of the dividers all stamped up and ready for the cards to go inside

We managed to get lots of the cards for the tin made and there are a selection of those that we did in the photo above, we put the world to rights and I had a lovely night.

I did a little baking yesterday and put a up a few halloween bits ready for crafty week.

I mentioned yesterday about putting the clocks back, well its next weekend.  And they do go back one hour so we get more time in bed, whoop whoop.

After my cleaning chores today I shall be doing a bit of weeding.  The pesky blighters have appeared all along the holly hedge so I will give everywhere a good sweep outside (all the neighbours come out to say a quick hello), then I will pull the weeds out /spray them all.  I cant let them get the better of me.

Off for brekky and to make a start.  Thanks for having a read and have a Super Saturday

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Lesley said...

Glad you all had fun making cards in a tin - love the ghoulish tree and Halloween themed cup cakes ready for Halloween x