Monday, January 11, 2016

Merry Monday No. 3

Good morning and I do feel good today.   I think I am just about back to normal (well as normal as it is for me), only a little cough, sleeping well and its the last of my tablets so lets hope that this is all I have to put up with in 2016.  I will be back at work tomorrow.

The weather is getting cooler so Christiana is staying wrapped up and warm, as she should.  Her list of places to go, things to see, purchases to get is growing by the day.  At this rate she will still be here in June when we go over to Cyprus for Sophia's  graduation but thats great for me.

Here is week 3 of Merry Monday and this stunning card was made by Sally.
Thanks Sally, I hope you had a great Christmas with your young man.

So what do you do with all your hand made cards?  I keep mine as I know the time and love most people have put into  making the cards.  Some I use for inspiration next year when my mojo has slipped.  So they are all in a box which comes out each Christmas Card and Chatter evening speaking of which, we had a lovely evening last Friday.  I managed to make 16 tags, George did some stamping and colouring and Pam did lots of backgrounds.  It was a very theraputic evening, just what I needed.

We didnt do much yesterday but there is a stack of ironing ready to be steamed, yaks I hate that job.  But because it is there and needs doing I will do a little bit at a time until its all gone.  Paul returned and came back with more washing.....does it ever end?

Thanks for nipping in for a read and I hope you have a wonderful Monday x

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Lesley said...

a very beautiful card x