Thursday, June 9, 2016

Magazine Make Cards

Another evening post but I am sure you dont mind.

Christiana and I  have had a lovely couple of days, we even made it out shopping.  We were supposed to go to the cinema but we got tired so went out for dinner instead, you cant beat quality time with the children.  And then today, Paul came home whoop whoop.

I have had the magazine since 2005 so was pleased to finally get time to make the little cards.  This has inspired me to make even more, so I shall, on Saturday.

Here are my magazine makes from last Monday, Here they are all together
And in a little bit more detail

It is Christmas Card and Chatter Club tomorrow so if you fancy an evening of crafting please, do come and join us.  You just bring along your bits to make whatever Christmassy item it is from 6ish until about 10ish.  It would be lovely to see you and the evening costs just £1 for the tea and biscuit tin.

Off to get showered (yes again) and get pjs on.  Thanks for visiting and hope you have a great night.

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