Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Merry Monday 23 on Tuesday

Good afternoon.  I ran out of time yesterday to do a Merry Monday so we are having a Merry Monday on a Tuesday for a change.  I expect I could put Merry Monday on the top and not too many people would mind.

After getting up at 5.30 yesterday, having another wonderful shower and getting everything ready for Christianas morning, I went to work.  I left at 12 and picked her up for the hospital.  We returned after 2.30 where she had lunch and I got changed and watered some plants.  We at at 5pm and at 6pm it was the first Magazine Make Monday where I managed to 3 small cards.  There were 4 of us and it was a lovely evening.  There will be another one in July if you fancy joining in the fun.  So at 10pm last night I watered the rest of the plants and went to bed....phew, no wonder I am shattered.

Today has been more or less the same except it was hospital for me.  Oh I have a right mixture of tablets to take but I shall have to wait till Paul comes home as I am told they have side effects and Christiana needs help...

Here is a stunning Christmas card that Sue C made for us

Thank you Sue, its lovely and I may be very inspired to make something similar at Xmas for my girls.

This friday is the Christmas Card and Chatter Club, if you fancy coming along please, do let me know.

Thanks for having a read and I wish you a wonderful evening x

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