Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cheep Cheep

Good morning and weatherwise, it really is good.

We had a visit out to Kitchen Shop No. 3 yesterday.  We are going back later to get drawings, plans and ideas.  This is all very exciting.

We are trying so hard to find someone to take down our chimney stack and put tiles on the roof when the chimney is removed.  Not one person we have contacted has come back to us.  Should you know of anyone that does this type of work please, do let me know.

Christiana didnt have a traditional Easter Egg, she got a few packets of different chocolate sweets that she likes but Paul found this and put it on the top of her bag.

It is so so cute.

Healthwise I am not the best but soldiering on as you do.  I am back on 10th May to the hospital and I believe my jab will be increased to help with all the joint pains.  Let's hope they work.

Right, off to make a cuppa for the chappie sorting out the patio at the back of the house.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Tuesday x

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