Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Good morning and Happy Easter.  Easter is a rather special event in our household especially when we have one or more of the girls with us.  We were not up for a church visit but we do still celebrate.  I got up this morning to receive the little chick you see above.  Paul had purchased it some time ago and it goes wonderfully on my little tree.  I did get a massive egg too which we shall share in the evenings.

We shall do a little pottering in the garden today.  The weatherman says frost tomorrow night so we will have to cover a few of our plants up ooopss.  Mum did say to wait a while before planting out, I will listen next time.  The gardens are looking a lot better and Paul has plans to get quite a few more flowers which is good.  Not so good in the greenhouse though but I we have tried to rescue a few bits and pieces, some we have done well with but others, no chance.

Here is a card that was part of a kit that was made recently. 

I cant wait for you to see the whole suite of these items, they are so wonderful. 

Stamperettes No. 17 is due to start in less than 2 weeks and there are still a couple of places left.  If you would like more information please do let me know.  Right, off to enjoy the day.

Thanks for having a read and once again, Happy Easter

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