Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mushrooms, dead trees and brick walls.

Well what a dull day outside but never a dull day at the Anthony's.  Quite a few chores and catching up to do today before pottering in the craft room and greenhouse.

Early this week we had the slabs outside the kitchen dug up as they were all higgeldy piggeldy and a serious trip hazard.  I had stumbled a couple of times and its hard to regain my balance and then I get a bit shaken up.  Anyway, up the slabs came and this is just one of the things we discovered.  A very old tree trunk which has died but lots and lots of mushrooms growing up it.  The mushrooms had pushed the slabs up where the dead tree trunk had begun to rot so the slabs were sinking.

On top of this, we also discovered a brick wall buried just under the slabs, phew, glad it is all sorted out for now.  It is only a temporary fix as we hope to have the garden done towards the end of Summer.

We visited kitchen shop No. 3 and we are very impressed with the designs.  We knew exactly what design we wanted but actually seeing it, printed out is quite amazing.  I adore the kitchens at No. 3 but the indicated price is very expensive, yikes.

Just a reminder for roofers if anyone knows anyone.

I had a play with this jar of love stamp set.

I am in love with these stamps and dies and this is my favourite for this week.  I do hope to get more time to play later on in the day and, hands permitting.

Tomorrow evening is the Christmas Card and Chatter night as well as dropping by for a cuppa and everything else that we do in the craft room. Please feel free to pop in with or without Christmas/projects to do.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day x

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