Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Did you get a visit from Santa?  Were you a good girl? (presuming that only girlies read this)  I must have been very good cause I got spoilt, again.

I was lucky enough to get lots of home made goodies which are scrummy, here they are

And, to help me make a few tasty treats,  Santa left this at my house.  All I need now are some wonderful recipes.

The day started off rather late but I deserved a lie in.  After opening some pressies and making a mess I finished off the rest of the veg, got the turkeys (yes plural) in the oven and cleaned up.  We had Rob, Natalie, the four grand girls and Ma in law with us for the day.  Where did the day go?  Before I knew it, I had to get pjs on and go to bed - I missed the end of Downton Abbey too.

Today its been a clean up day and an investigation of all the wonderful things I had from Santa.  Thank you to everyone for everything I received.  I looked at all the homemade boxes and investigated all the contents, what fun.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you are having a lovely festive time.

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Lesley said...

what a wicked food mixer!!!! Lesley x