Saturday, December 8, 2012

Struggle on a Saturday

Blogger is really playing up.  I had over 80 comments to read through and they were all spam?  I am not too sure what is going on but at least, for now, I am back in blog land and can post some photos for you to have a look at.

Well it was my neices birthday earlier in the week and, I had to delete more photos before I could post these two.

This is a variation on a card we made during crafty week, do you like the stitching *wink*

This is a little money envelope I made for her using the new silhouttes stamp set, I think it is wonderful.  I shall have to make up  a few more of these, just to have them around.

I have received one part of my SU order which is brilliant as I have received some free stamp sets, YES totally free.  One of the benefits of being a demonstrator.  I know I wont get chance to play this weekend but who know what I can come up with next week.  First of all I have to clean my craft room. I am really ashamed to say that it is the pits, a dump.  I have so many lovely and wonderful things that are just DUMPED in there, shame on me. 

Today I managed to get into town for 8am and got a few bits.  With my knee not being too good I cant wander far so I was pleased with my purchases.  These are all wrapped up and on there way to Santa.

Now a few little chores to do and then, its the night.  Oh yes, its X factor final and I am so looking forward to putting my feet up and chilling in front of the square box, it will make a lovely change for me.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for having a read.

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