Sunday, December 16, 2012

More hedgehogs, plans and chatter

Yesterday was a really productive day for me.  I sorted out my wardrobe and my shoes.  That was a mamouth task but its done now.  No, it isnt in preperation for new clothes nor new shoes.  Its ready for the New Year.  I have put on quite a lot of weight this last year and next year I am taking two journeys to lose the weight, get fit and hopefully, try to reduce the number of tablets I take each day.  My first journey starts on 2nd January and will last for 6 months so wish me luck.  I shall be putting all those beautiful clothes back into the wardrobe as soon as they fit me.  We are off to a very special wedding in June and I would love to wear the outfit that I wore for Roberts wedding 18 months ago.

Paul is still working away so that I am able to have a good old sort out, making a mess before clearing it up.  I really dont know why I make such a mess when I am cleaning?  It doesnt make sense.

As promised yesterday, here is the second card that I made the Nephews twin daughters birthday

And here is a close up to see all the sparkle.

I am off to Ikea this morning for a couple of hours, I dont need anything but just want a wander round.  I am taking mum with me, she has become an Ikea addict she says. Then this afternoon I shall be out and about visiting, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Thanks for dropping by for a read and have a lovely day

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, thank you for your lovely card.
I love both of your hedgy cards.
Good luck with your journey to a slimmer and healthier you :o)
Jackie xx