Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mr. Sainsbury is paying for my shopping today

*waving* to everyone that made it yesterday, I can see you smiling now.  We had a wonderful turn out for our coffee get together and thanks to Lesley for organising it.  I did a little craft shopping before coffee and then sat for a couple of hours listening to everyones converstaion which was great.  I may have eaten a cake as well as have a coffee or two as well.  Despite the wet weather, the closeness of Christmas and all the other 1001 things that everyone has to do at this time of year, it was lovely.  Thanks for making the morning special.  A lot of people who couldnt make it were missed and I hope to catch up with you over Christmas.

The day then went on more as less as planned, more presents were wrapped, visitors came round, more things put under the tree and by 9pm I was fast asleep on the sofa, naughty me.  Because I slept so early, I was up early again today and thats okay cause its food shopping YEAH.  Todays shopping will be paid for by Mr. Sainsbury.  We have been saving our points (for what they are worth) for a whole year so I am hopping for a free shop today.  I know the shops are only closed for one day but we have to get the lovely bits and pieces in that we look forward to.  I think the day will be our own after that so I may just be nipping in the craft room for a couple of hours, bliss.

Here is another card that I have made.  Love this little nelly.

There is a lot of glitter and sparkle on there, not sure if you can see it though.

I am trying to get the Derby Dabblers (local craft club in Derby) Birthday List up to date so, if you are a dabbler, please get in touch if you fancy being a part of this.

Thanks for having a read and I hope that you have a lovely Sunday

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