Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas cards and presents

I just knew that Thursday would be here so very very quickly.  I had a lovely afternoon and evening yesterday and a big thank you to everyone who made it wonderful.
Today after work its a visit out to relatives and some present shopping, perhaps the last of all the presents?  I did say perhaps.

Speaking of presents, here are some all wrapped up with the brown paper and stamping.

 Do you know how great it is to sit there stamping away, it doesnt matter if you dont get all the image, or if you are a bit wonky or even upside down, it is just good to do.

I hope you like this card

I made it at SS weekend a few weeks ago with Chris.  It has so many little bits to it that I had to show you some of the detail.

Little cards on a shelf

flowers and swirls and curls

This button has been dipped into

We had a great time making this.  Plans are being made for another weekend in March, cant wait as we get spoilt.

It's forecast for rain, rain and a bit more rain today so I do hope that you manage to stay dry.  Thanks for visiting.

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