Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Sandra

Happy Birthday Sandra.  It is Sandras birthday today and here is the card that I made for her.

I do hope that you have had a lovely day.

Well today I went to work and did my bit.  As it was so busy the morning flew past and on my way home I had to have a blood test.

I  sat in the chair and said to the nurse, oh, you are better off taking blood out of my right arm as it is easier and less painful for me.  "Oh" said nurse, the left arm will be fine as the vein is very clear.  I did say yes, it is clear but it causes me discomfort and the blood doesnt flow so well.  She laughed and stuck needle in oww, well a little oww.  "I see what you mean" says nurse, takes needle out and gets my right arm ready to take blood.  Why didnt she listen to me?  Should I have been a little more forcefull?  Next time should I say, well here I am, can you take my blood but I am only offering my right arm?

Anyway, I came home to finish a few chores.  Hopefully once these chores out of the way I can make another birthday card for a certain person....she knows who she is.  I also want to get final preperations for a SU party that I have in September.  I love being ahead of things, life is so much easier.

Had a quick chat with a friend,  mother in law with us , Paul wants his hair cutting but I am still hoping to get cards done.

Would you like a Stampin' Up! party in October?  All you need is somewhere for your friends and family to craft and to make a cuppa at the end.  I will bring everything with me to make a couple of cards, books to look through, a raffle basket that is brimming with SU goodies.  It only takes a few hours and you, as the hostess, could get a few things, FREE. Give me a call on 01332 721877 to find out more or book your get together.  It could be any afternoon or evening, to suit you.

Right, off to make a start, thanks for having a read... until tomorrow

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