Friday, August 30, 2013

That Friday feeling again

I have that Friday feeling again but I have had it for a few days now and how nice it is.  I really do think I could get used to getting up every day wondering what to do with my day but not sure I could do that in the heat, phew

So, yesterday I cut Paul's hair, not that he had a lot left to cut off but, off it went.  I think he looks a lot nicer with the Bruce Willis cut although he isnt too sure about it.  We had an invasion of girls and so, we had to have a pool party,

Then of course lots and lots of food

and then it was time for shower and off out but ummm, one problem, no water.  I mean not one drop of water in the house at all, nothing to wash the plates, which I didnt mind, but the girls were full of chlorine and had planned on going out oops.  So I had to call the maintenance man, who said he could do nothing.  I explained about all the girls and again, he could do nothing, he wasnt a plumber.  He said he would try and find a plumber but it was doubtful as it was dark and late.  Well a plumber did come out about 15 minutes later, he prodded and poked the water pipes, took a couple of valves out and said, that should work, call me back in an hour and let me know how you are getting on. huh!! so, we had an hour, I suggested that the girls have a shower using a hosepipe and, as they wanted to go out, they didnt mind.  Well it was hair washing, shampoo and conditioner everywhere, showergel and sponges flying but it really was  a slow process but then Paul said, next door but one have an outdoor shower and guess what, there is no one home.  You guessed it, all these girls in swimming costumes armed with towels, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel walked up the road with Paul so that they could shower.  It wasnt long before they were back.  We sat a while and then I was asked, ohhh, can I have a plait in my hair, and me, and me so my next hour was making plaits and then they all left to go into the centre (we call it the stretch) and left us too it.
The hair that I did, plaits and cuts 

We called the plumber and he returned as we still had no water.  It took him ages but in the end, he sorted it so poor Paul and I were washing pots, cleaning floors and sorting out after the pool party. I did two lots of washing at gone midnight because all the towels that we used, we will be wanting them again today because yes, the majority of the girls stayed over.

I thought I would remind you that I am having a Christmas card class on 28th September and whilst there are only one or two places left for the afternoon, there are a few places left for the morning.  If you fancy making at least 4 cards and who knows what else, please get in touch.  

Here is a picture of another card that I made a couple of weeks ago using the mosaic madness stamp set and matching punch, which you can buy as a bundle.

I have quite a few more ideas of using this for Christmas so as soon as I am home, I shall be having another play with them.

Well, I am  not sure what today will bring but it is bound to involve lots of girlies, sunshine, heat and water.  Have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend.

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