Wednesday, August 28, 2013


it has been a while since I posted but I am sure that all will be forgiven, as a friend once said....there are no blog police but I do wonder about that.

Well the bees in the garden have gone, quite sadly I add.  It looks like they were attacked by a parasite.  How do I know this?  Paul took an injured bee into work (please dont ask for more details, trust me).  Anyway, he got injured bee under a microscope , oh yes, perhaps I should mention that it was dead by this time.  And under the microscope Paul saw the parasite, which was alive, lots of parasite eggs and little parasites YAKS,   I got all the details, you are just getting the basics.  So Paul has reported it to who ever needs to know, very sad.

Mum in law has been quite poorly following her fall.  She has been in and out of hospital, for tests and more tests and a change of tablets.  All quite disturbing and tiring for such a regal lady but she is well into her 80s and it has been quite a shock for her.  She is recovering now but still very frail.  She wears an alarm when she is at home, in case she is not well and currently, does not got out alone.  One of her legs will just not do what she wants it to do so, she is going to go off for physiotherapy.  I am hoping she will be chasing me around when I get home.

Oh yes, I am not at home currently.  We travelled out to Cyprus and its a good job I did because as soon as the girls came to see me, they wanted feeding

It is lovely being with them and they are all coming backwards and forwards with friends, boyfriends and who ever else they like to spend time with.  We are all just going to chill out this week, and catch up.

Even though I am out in the sun *hot hot hot* I am still keeping in touch with Stampin' Up! and placing orders.  In fact, there is an order going in tomorrow and you can get your hands on some new items.  Oh yes, we have another seasonal catalogue coming out tomorrow.  If you would like anything please, send me an email or get in touch via the blog and I can get your items delivered, straight to your door for £4.95 p+p.  If two or three of you would like to place an order together and share the p+p, then you may even get some hostess goodies, for free.

If there are any Stamperettes reading this, today is 28th *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

I must share this with you, 

I am hoping that when you click on the pictures you can see the sparkle and shine on the tree that I have stamped.  The tree image and the plain card are both whisper white card but the tree image has sprayed with  smooch spritz from Stampin' Up!  Its wonderful and I can stop spraying things with it.  Its a good job that I am away as I was going a little overboard.

Thanks for having a read and apologies for the long absence.  I am now able to sit back, recharge my batteries and plan for September - Christmas, lovely.

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