Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stampin' Up! card

Good morning and I cant believe that I am up so early today.  I am so tired but cant sleep, maybe, just maybe, I can sneak a nap in this afternoon, we shall see.

I have a lovely day planned, all at home for a change.  I shall be doing the obligatory chores (washing and ironing) but around that I am off to visit at the coffee morning at St. Martins Church, I shall be going to buy some new bedding for my eldest daughter and I shall be making a card or two that I have in mind and that is just this morning.

Here is a card I have been playing with, this was a prototype for the September thank you cards which are done, ready and waiting to go.

I have used Wetlands Stamp Set which is lovely, with pool party and so safron ink and teamed it up with so safron card.  I think a lot more could be done with this but I wanted something calming and for me, it was very calming to make.  I hope you like this.  If you fancy making something similar, let me know in October and I can show you how to do these if  you need a hand.

I have mentioned a few times "the bee hive" that we have just outside out kitchen door.  The actual nest is under the shed, well, over the last few days we have found lots of gigantic bees all dead in our garden.  We are not quite sure what this is all about but Paul is looking into it.  There is a possibility that it is just the end of the life cycle for the males but we think this is a bit early.  It could also mean that they have this awful parasite that is killing other bees?  I will let you know what he finds out.

Thanks for having a read today and, if you are in the area of Allenton, I can always use a coffee break.  Pop in for a coffee and a natter and pick up a Stampin' Up! bargain or your order or just have a look through the book. Have a great day

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Lesley said...

I've got this set and have some great ideas for it - isn't it just the best - Lesley x