Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ant

Well hello week, Monday again and here we go, back to work.  I did my stint and I can honestly say it just flew by.  It took me a while to catch up with what has been happening, dust a few things down and then after a meeting, it was time to come home, when I say home I mean leave work.

I nipped in for a quick coffee with one of my best friends and a catch up of the goss, well girls have to do what girls have to do.  Got the SU order, oh yes.  I will be sorting it all out next so, if you have something on order I HAVE IT.  As its Tuesday at Traceys tomorrow, it will all be sorted and ready for you.

CHRISTMAS CARDS - Fancy making a few cards, catching up, seeing some new items from Stampin' Up!  There are two sessions on Saturday, one starting at 10.00am and one at 2pm.  Still spaces available if you are free for a couple of hours this Saturday.  Please get in touch to book your place.

Happy Birthday Ant - I am not sure how old he is but Ant is my neices boyfriend and, here is one of my cards that he will have received.

Right,  off to sort out a few more bits and catch up on SU news.  Who would have thought that coming home on a very late flight would have left me feeling soooo tired?

Thanks for having a read.

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