Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunny Saturday

Good morning from a sunny Cyprus. Well the weather has changed and it is a lot cooler in the evenings, in fact it has been rather windy too.  The girls are starting to feel the cold?

It's the end  of Summer they are all saying here, schools start back Monday, Katerina returns to uni on Tuesday, Sophia goes to work placement on Monday and me, well I hope to get a bit more rest.

We had a spectacular evening out Thursday, we went to a Greek Dance show, the chappie ended up with 19 glasses, a wine bottle and a plant pot on his head and the food, well.... superb

Yesterday we spent the day at Christianas apartment, we put curtains up, before and after photots
Here is some wall art before going on the wall

and up on the wall

The clock she got in uk

and her photos,

and her table with things we got from next earlier this year,

other jobs included putting up mirrors, using superglue on a few ornements and, you know the legs you get behind photo frames, a few came off so we put new ones.  We are off back there again next week to change the lock on her door and a few more other little jobs she needs doing.  Life is so hard for her at times that my heart goes out to what she has to put up with.  She is trying to be so positive and so happy, such a brave daughter I have and I am very proud of her.

It is off to the beach today for a bit of a rest, I have spoke to sis on face time, which was nice.  I think I understand the ordering process on line for Stampin' Up! and I will give that a go this evening.  Lots of other news for SU to tell you about next time.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for having a read

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Lesley said...

You have been busy , hope you have a great day at the beach best wishes Lesley x