Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Midweek Musing

good morning, well it is morning here as I sit and write this.  Its going to be another scorcher today and i am just getting used to the heat but phew, it has taken some doing.  My poor feet, legs, fingers etc have doubled their size due to water retention so walking has been a major problem so I just havent.  I am trying to spend as much time as possible in the sea and in the pool.  My parents flew out last weekend and we went off to the airport to meet them.  They are staying at hotel apartments that we stayed at a few years ago and are already loving it out here.  We all ate together last night, we cooked a lovely meal for 8 of us (the girls were here, boyfriend and parents).  then sis joined us via skype which was very funny but brilliant too.  A very late night for me but, ssshhh dont tell anyone, I didnt get up until gone 11am yesterday, oops

I am sure you have read about the sagas of our holiday so far, villa not ready for us as the owners mixed up our arrival date, first day stuck in due to cleaners, then the lack of water after a pool party well, there is more.  After a very hot morning sitting outside I thought I would venture in and sit in the air conditioning for a while.  After a couple of minutes I heard drip, drip, drip.  Thinking that the airconditioning was leaking I got up to investigate, nothing.  drip, drip, drip.  I wandered around downstairs, looked at everything and then just stood there to see if I could hear where it was coming from, YAKS, as I got a drip down my back, looked up and OMG, water was coming through the ceiling of the living room. PAUUULLLL I shouted.  Well, Paul had just got out the shower and guess what, the water from the shower was leaking through. Another email to the owners.  I am using the washing machine each day, well it only takes an hour or two for the clothes to dry and I thought I had best iron a few bits, well. here is the ironing board

  I just put a towel over it. tut tut tut.....what next?
when we go to the beach, it costs us an arm and a leg to rent beds and umbrellas so this year,we decided to buy own own, take them with us, in the hopes that it would save us a few pounds.......  here is paul, in a shop, trying out the beds, he does make me laugh.

  outside the shop with beach beds, paul found this

YIPPPEE, you can now purchase Stampin' Up! products on line, to have them delivered direct to your door, how wonderful is that.  I am not too sure how all this works and of course, being on a little laptop takes quite a while to navigate round but, I will look into this tonight.

BEST OF stamps are here for September and, if you didnt manage to get your hands on a dasher last year, or was it the year before? Well dasher is on this months best of stamps, click on the flyer below for more information.

Best of Christmas

Thanks for having a read today x

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Lesley said...

Hope you are having a great holiday - love the photo's your putting on - a few mishaps in the accomodations makes for an interesting holiday :) best wishes Lesley x