Saturday, September 20, 2014

A box for Katerina

Well the weekend is here YEAH.  The day that I can have a lie in and at 5.15 *ping* wide awake.

I took Katerina back to the train station Thursday *so sad* and now the house is very quiet.  Fortunately a friend of hers caught the same train that  Katerina was on in Crewe so at least they kept each other company for a while.  Her roomie returned last night as did a friend of theirs that will be staying with her for a while.

It has been wonderful having her at home, laughing, doing things for her, spending time together and talking constantly.  Just under a week and we will be seeing her again.

I mentioned on my blog before, about her apartment in Preston, well this is what she was told she would get

This is what she got

And this is what we did with her room,

I am showing you the hand bag holder in this photo, of course Paul walked in just as I took the photo

And I made this for her to take back, it should match the bits she has in her room.

I am home most of the day today and all evening so, if you are free, fancy a cuppa, a crafty chat please feel free to call in.  I may be ironing or I may be doing a bit in my crafty space but always happy to stop for a cuppa.

Have a wonderful Saturday, whatever you are up to and thanks for having a read

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Have a great weekend best wishes Lesley x