Monday, September 8, 2014

Mondays post

Good morning and who has this Monday morning feeling, isnt it awful.

Well my arm still isnt mended and Paul is going to take me to work today so that I can rest it a bit more.  4 hours and I will be home.

Sophia flew out to Athens yesterday, another change in her life.  As she is doing her studies in Cyprus, she gets the opportunity to have a semester at another university in the world, continuing the course she is on and she opted for Athens.  Her friends are there as is her boyfriend so it will be a good experience for her.  Obviously, we cant miss the chance of seeing this wonderful city so we shall fly out later this month and so will her sisters....wonderful.

Here is a Christmas card I made recently, a very busy one for me.

I have used stash and more stash.  I am trying to use up the things I have rather than buy more.  I am on a Christmas theme for the next few weeks, getting everything done in plenty of time, well I can hope.

Thanks for having a read and I hope your day is wonderful.

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