Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesdays Twitter

Tuesdays Twitter and life is still busy but wonderful with it.  I love waking up in my new home even though we still have boxes in most rooms, no wardrobes and lots of jobs to carry out....the to do list is so long but hay, it doesnt matter, we will get them all done eventually.

We had a young chappie come to the house to give us a quote on Sunday to get rid of the jungle.  This is a 20ft x 50 ft area of overgrown trees, shrubs, plants and alsorts at the side of the house and its where I want to put the garden shed, greenhouse and tubs to grow veggies in next year.  There was just no way we had the tools to tackle this job.  Well, this young chappie gave us a quote and started work straight away and boy, what a worker.  He cleared the majority of the jungle but his van was full to the brim and he could do no more.  Very impressed and I would gladly recommend him.  We found him on rated people . com.  I will show you the photos tomorrow when I can get them downloaded....that is another issue.  So then we took Katerina out for Sunday lunch at tea time, came home and relaxed.  I watched the last episode of The Village and loved it.  I do hope that another series comes out in the future.

The weekend soon ended and it was back to work yesterday (yaks) and after that we nipped into town to get a few bits for the girls.  I have lots of washing and ironing to do today as Katerina will be going back to Preston on Thursday and needs to take everything back with her, washed and smelling of fabric softner.

We had another birthday last week and here is the card the I made for nephew.

The crafty space is just about complete now and the last boxes will be opened today.  I have a little painting to do as Paul put some window sills in for me and maybe, just maybe by the weekend it will be done, fingers crossed.  I have started to put everything for sale on a table in the middle of the room and I cant believe I was hoarding so much, tut tut.

I am placing a little order tonight for Stampin' Up! so if there is anything that you need (or think you need), please do get in touch and let me know and I can add it to the little order. Postage will be 50p delivered to me and then we can arrange for you to get your goodies when they arrive.

I had best get myself ready for the office.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day, what ever you are up to.

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Karen said...

Glad you're settling in ok. Love the card.

Love Karen x